Features Cost Per Month

Start up Package

£ 99.99

Gold Package

£ 149.99

Premier Package

£ 199.99

Set Up Cost *
£299 £299 £299
Number of Transactions per month 500 1000 2000
6 Predesigned Templates
Free LiveSync™ GPRS Printer
Free Menu Upload
Online Payment Integration
Free Domain Name Registration
Full Colour Glossy Flyers * 2500 5000 10000
Free Photo Gallery
Bulk Email Marketing
Multi Channel Support Sector
* All costs are plus VAT at the standard rate.A6 One-side Full Colour Glossy Flyers. These will be a predesigned template provided via our printing partner to encourage customers to order online. Customers free domain name will be displayed.
 Smart-Feed® VS Just Eat X
A quick comparison of cost with one of our main competitors shows how much you can really save. Although their pricing structure is different to ours a quick analysis shows just how much money you save once your company begins to become more successful.
Just Eat
Setup Cost £699.00 £299.00 £400.00

Based on an average of £12 per order we have come up with the following calculations:

Monthly Comparison
Just Eat
No. of orders per month Cost per month @ 12% commission Cost per month Estimated Annual Saving
60 £86.40 £99.99 £-163.08
100 £144.00 £99.99 £528.12
200 £288.00 £99.99 £2256.12
300 £432.40 £99.99 £3984.12
400 £576.00 £99.99 £5712.12
500 £720.00 £99.99 £7440.12
1000 £1440.00 £149.99 £15480.12
According to our research the average number of orders businesses receive online once they have established themselves is approximately 400 per month. From the table above you can see that using our system you will be saving £476.04 every month. That is an annual saving of nearly £6000!!! A cost most businesses cannot afford in these tough market conditions.