No. Unlike many of the relay services out there such as just eat, hungry house etc. which can charge up to 11% on all transactions we only charge one monthly fee and thats it. This way you are able to retain more of your profits for yourself.
There are no other hidden costs. You pay the set up fee and then depending on which package you choose you pay an ongoing monthly fee for the services we provide. By having a fixed cost every month you are able to budget better with the knowledge that as your customers increase your costs will not!
We will be constantly marketing the SmartFeed Brand. As all the online stores are inextricably linked to our main website, any benefit we achieve will automatically help bring your site higher on the rankings making it easier to be found. Our aim is to help you to promote your brand without being associated with any of your competitors. In this way you are safe from being linked to any bad press your competitors may have.
Depending on how quickly we are provided the relevant information. Our aim is to get everything up and running, with your site becoming live within 5 working days.
Our custom backend features give you full control of your online store. So adding, deleting menu items and prices can be done anytime and at your convenience. Many of our competitors fail to provide this service and charge for any changes you want to make to your menu.
If, for example, a customer would like their curry extra hot, or another customer would like you to ring them instead of knocking on the door when they deliver, there is a special instructions option box in which the customer can leave any specific comments they want.
Press F1 (menu) and then scroll down to ‘latest orders’ and press CONFIRM. You will see any orders that have not been accepted or rejected in the listed with a # followed by the order number. Go to the relevant one and press OK.
One of the most common reasons for a pending status is that a customer has attempted to make a credit/debit card payment but the card has not been accepted for some reason i.e. error inputting details, card declined etc. If you got to 'Orders' on your admin dashboard and click edit on the pending order you can see the reason. If it says in the payment type field as 'SecureTrading credit card payment' and in the paid field as 'NO' then you will know the order has not gone through because of an issue with the customer's credit/debit card. The order is generated and shows on the system however, it will not come through to printer as payment has not been made.
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 Smart-Feed® VS Just Eat X
A quick comparison of cost with one of our main competitors shows how much you can really save. Although their pricing structure is different to ours a quick analysis shows just how much money you save once your company begins to become more successful.
Just Eat
Setup Cost £699.00 £299.00 £400.00

Based on an average of £12 per order we have come up with the following calculations:

Monthly Comparison
Just Eat
No. of orders per month Cost per month @ 12% commission Cost per month Estimated Annual Saving
60 £86.40 £99.99 £-163.08
100 £144.00 £99.99 £528.12
200 £288.00 £99.99 £2256.12
300 £432.40 £99.99 £3984.12
400 £576.00 £99.99 £5712.12
500 £720.00 £99.99 £7440.12
1000 £1440.00 £149.99 £15480.12
According to our research the average number of orders businesses receive online once they have established themselves is approximately 400 per month. From the table above you can see that using our system you will be saving £476.04 every month. That is an annual saving of nearly £6000!!! A cost most businesses cannot afford in these tough market conditions.